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National federations are in charge of selecting national teams. But how do they qualify for the top national team competitions such as the FIBA 3×3 World Cup (Open, U23 and U18) and the Olympic Games?

World Cups

Hosting the FIBA 3×3 World Cup is obviously the safest way to qualify. The other teams earn their ticket because:

  • they are the reigning champions or

  • they have won a Zone Cup on the previous year (or next best in the standings if the winners are hosts and/or World Cup reigning champs) or

  • they have qualified directly based on the FIBA 3×3 Federation Ranking or

  • they have qualified through the World Cup Qualifier.

This ranking is calculated by adding up the FIBA 3×3 Individual World Ranking points of the Top 50 nationals with a confirmed account.

As a result a national federation can boost its ranking as follows:

  • Maximise the individual points earned by their Top 50 national players by allowing them to play frequently in high-level FIBA 3×3 events, such as the FIBA 3×3 World Tour

  • Ensure the highest ranked players have a fully confirmed account

Participation in National Team competitions is only open to national federations which are e-learning certified with a minimum of 3 FIBA-endorsed events held in their territory in the last 12 months prior to the established cut-off date.

As for the eligibility of the players, they must have the appropriate age for youth competitions, a valid passport of the National Federation country since before 1st of January of the calendar year prior to the competition and must not have played for another National Federation in any other FIBA competition (unless accepted by FIBA at NF request). In other words, a player cannot represent ‘Nation A’ in a 5×5 competition and ‘Nation B’ in a 3×3 competition.

In case of qualification, National Federations must register the athletes directly on a digital platform called the FIBA 3×3 Backend.


Launched in November 2014, this innovative education tool developed by the FIBA Academy with the FIBA 3×3 team is available to FIBA’s member National Federations and the community of FIBA 3×3 organizers worldwide to further improve their knowledge and to develop 3×3 as a whole.

It brings together the various components of 3×3 to explain the used nomenclature, the rules of the game, the competition structure, player rankings and the digital platforms required to organize, manage and participate in the fast-rising discipline.

A major incentive for the national federations is that being 3×3 e-learning certified at cut-off date is an eligibility criterion to participate in any FIBA 3×3 National Team competitions. 


The ‘backend’ is an online interface for National Federations which allows them to:

  • Have an overview of the 3×3 activity in their territory

  • See registered and eligible nationals with confirmed FIBA 3×3 accounts

  • Find out how they do in the 3×3 Federation Ranking

  • Learn what is their qualification status for national-team FIBA 3×3 Official Competitions

  • Register for these events

Additionally, they are emailed a summary report of the most updated status every month.

The access is limited to assigned people. Log in here.






Organizing FIBA 3×3-endorsed events has never been so easy. The best news is, anyone can join the ever-growing worldwide network of organizers now!

You will be automatically granted rights to organise FIBA 3×3 endorsed events by:

The Event Maker and website are both completely FREE digital tools that will help you organise 3×3 events by managing your registrations, schedules and results entry among many other functionalities.

  1. Register now by creating your FIBA 3×3 profile

  2. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox (check your Junk/Spam folder)

  3. Click on the Confirm button to activate your account.

  4. Go to Event Maker Web App and login using your recently created profile’s email and password.

  5. Create your organisation/company/National Federation account.

  6. You can now start creating your 3×3 events!

Note: The use of Event Maker is mandatory to become a FIBA 3×3 endorsed organiser, so that your events can be part of the 3×3 global competition network.


FIBA 3×3 is giving all 3×3 event organizers free tools to create, manage and promote their events. Whether you want to set up a small 3×3 event at your local school or host a World Tour or a 3×3 World Cup event, spreading the word has never been easier.

All events created with 3×3 Event Maker are published to the global platform for all 3×3 basketball – website

From paid registrations to scheduling and results entries, managing events with Event Maker is easy, fast and fun. You can set up multiple events, create tours, manage registered teams and enter results as they happen. Add staff to your organisation and grant them specific rights so they can help you have a successful event.


The 3×3 Event Maker is available at You can find some articles to help you find your way around here such as:


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Schelde Sports is the official supplier of the FIBA 3×3 World Tour and provider of the SAM 3×3, a backstop uniquely designed for 3×3. It features an integrated shot clock and is the reference for professional games and dunk contests. In close collaboration with FIBA, Schelde Sports has developed a grassroots level unit for use in practice, side court and event circumstances, the 3×3 Streetslammer. For inquiries: Bart Prinssen, General Manager, Schelde Sports, The Netherlands /


Magic Sky canopy systems are successfully employed at nearly all kinds of events. Diverse variants make it so flexible. Our technology is thoroughly tested and repeatedly certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). Its uniqueness comes with the light weight and small packing dimensions. The build-up time and availability of use is 5 to 7 hours. Magic Sky and FIBA started their partnership in 2012. For inquiries: Magic Sky GmbH, Stubenrauchstr. 72, 12161 Berlin, Germany. Mobile: +49 171 7170555

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